Benefits for exhibitors

Modern trade shows use mguide

mguide is such a practical innovation. People always have their cell phones on them and up-to-the-minute trade show information lands right in your visitors' hands. It makes finding and being found much easier, and allows information to be broadcast faster. The whole trade show benefits from increased efficiency.

Better orientation = more visitors

mguide means visitors are much more focused when moving around the trade show – so you'll be found by the right people, rather than relying on pot luck. More people will find your events thanks to up-to-the-minute event listings, meaning that mguide maximizes your benefit from the trade show.

Your very own mobile trade show catalogue

At an mguide trade show, you can decide for yourself what information the trade show guide contains about you. Enter and maintain your content easily and securely via the web - job done. 24/7 and with no tedious complications. The same, of course, applies to your presentations, events, appointments, etc.

Let visitors know about last minute changes

Your product demonstration is delayed by an hour? Your CEO is giving the talk instead of his deputy? The state governor will be putting in an appearance tomorrow? mguide trade shows are able to supply visitors with up-to-the-minute information, increasing the number of business contacts and the frequency of visits to your stand.

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