How mguide is built and how it works


mguide is an information service (front end) optimized for mobile devices and a platform (back end) for quickly and easily collecting and updating information. The front and back ends are web-based – mguide requires no software installation.

The front end is a mobile-compatible web-based interface which can be accessed using practically all modern cell phones, smartphones, PDAs, and netbooks. The only requirement is that the device is internet-capable and has a browser which meets W3C standards. mguide detects iPhone, Palm Pre, and Android (e.g. G1), and generates a custom version to take full advantage of the technical possibilities offered by these next generation mobile devices (Features at a glance).

The back end is a web-based administration interface which can be used to enter and update content for mguide at any time. The owner (e.g. the trade show organizer) can assign restricted access rights (e.g. to exhibitors), to allow the latter access to a specific area only. It is intuitive and straightforward to operate. It can be accessed from any PC with internet access via an encrypted connection.

Data is stored in a database and can be imported automatically where available in electronic form (Excel® or XML formats), allowing mguide to be set up extremely rapidly.

Stable infrastructure

In developing mguide, use has been made of quality assurance methods such as automated testing and version control. This allows new features to be implemented reliably and rapid detection of any bugs. mguide is hosted on a server with multiple redundant connections in a cutting-edge German data center.

Built for today, ready for the future

mguide is future-proof by design through the use of open industry standards. Design features such as the avoidance of proprietary software solutions mean that mguide will still be useable by future generations of mobile devices. Choosing mguide is thus a long-term, future-proof investment decision.

The open XML schema makes it simple to import data into the mguide back end from any system you like (e.g. databases or Excel tables). This allows mguide to communicate even last minute changes to visitors while the trade show is in progress. Data can also be exported for backup or other purposes just as easily.

With its alternative interfaces and third party extensions, mguide is fully adaptable to your requirements.

Standard interfaces make it nice and easy

mguide makes life easy – the back end can be connected to a client's system via an XML interface or clients can import comma separated variable (CSV) and Excel® files. This allows user-generated exhibitor data, for example, to be processed directly and made available to visitors via the web front end.

Since mguide's XML schema is open, IT staff can easily pre-structure data for import, thereby minimizing configuration work.

Do you have further questions on how it's built and how it works?

We will be happy to demonstrate mguide and explain it in more detail at a personal on site meeting or via a webinar. Contact us.

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